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Girl Power

As a woman, I love to find strong woman role models wherever I am. I always look for women who are strong, independent, gracious, humble and fun. I often think of the woman that I hope to be, the role model that I could be for others. I think of the qualities that form a strong woman, and look for ways to better myself.

I grew up with an amazing mother. My mother is strong, independent, fearless and always knows what to do. Then I moved to Haiti and found a Haitian mother. She is honest, caring, stern, opinionated and carefree. Then I gained a Haitian older sister, one of our new house Moms. She is raw, broken, deeply compassionate and strong.

God uses the women in my life to teach me many things, but I didn't necessarily expect what He is currently teaching me. A bit of dependency.

Maybe it is an American thing- to grow up and want to do everything yourself. To want to be independent. I grew up in an atmosphere that was encouraged to be a strong, independent women. I am forever g…

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