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A little light.

We stood in the open school building. A strong breeze blew through the school as everyone sang with one voice.

"Jèzu mandè ou briyè pou li kotè ou yè Tout krètiin, bay lumiè tou patou; Briyè nan fanmi ou, nan travay ou, kotè ou yè Briyè pou Jèzu kotè ou yè "
Jesus asks you to shine for him where you are all Christians, give light everywhere  Shine in your family, in your work, where you are Shine for Jesus where you are. 
Voices were all raised as one during our weekly Friday chapel service, before our kids left to be reunited with their families for two weeks. They are going with parents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, and cousins. People they may have not seen in almost ten years. Kids Alive believes in family reunification. The reality is when these kids turn 22, they will go and live with whatever family they have. This is the first year that they will get the opportunity to spend time with that family over the summer. 
All of our kids are thrilled to go. I was surprised when sp…

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