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Thankful Series- Culture

Something I had not really considered before I started traveling was why people truly travel. I know God called us to all the nations, but why? I think before I started traveling, I thought people traveled to 'see things'. Now I realize that 'seeing things' is really the least important part. It is experiencing things, understanding things and then letting that have an impact on you.

Living in another culture has been life changing. I honestly didn't realize how much of what I ate, thought, read, imagined was culture. There is so much depth in understanding another culture, a depth that gives you perspective on your own culture and your own beliefs. It makes you step back from some things and adapt your new cultures perspectives. It also makes you hold stronger values that you already had that maybe are not seen the same way in your new culture.

Before coming to serve in Haiti I went to trainings about 'culture shock'. Honestly at some level I always though…

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