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Cherry Juice

I haven't been in the best of health lately. When I was in the states I was in the hospital with a few different stomach bacteria, one of which is called CDiff. It can be pretty serious if left untreated. I have taken lots of antibiotics and am finally doing much better. Now, I try to be much more cautious about what I eat. I try to stay away from oils and processed foods and stick to things that have been properly cleaned and cooked. This has made it hard for me to eat the way I used to. I used to eat anywhere with anyone! (Which was really fun and great for relationship building) Haitians are really honored and overjoyed when you share a meal with them, so I have always tried to do so when possible.

Yesterday I was in a rush in the morning and didn't have time to bring a boxed lunch to work with me. I went into a few homes to see what they were making, to see if I could snag a meal. The house mothers are so gracious and enjoy feeding me. They treat me like they are all the …

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