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I bet it would be cool.

If you want people to look at you like you have four heads, tell them you live in a third world country, voluntarily. The majority of people who find out what I do for a living show me- either through facial expressions or their words that they are very surprised at what I am doing. Some people are excited and want to hear more. Some people make some crazy assumptions about Haiti and think I am some Mother Theresa-type living in some sort of mud hut. Some people think I am positively insane and write me off at that very moment. These statements are from Christians and non-christians alike. Doesn't that seem odd?

 I found that surprising in the beginning- the idea that Christians are so often unsupportive of missions. This seems totally backwards right? When I first moved to Haiti I had a two year commitment. Many Christians that heard I was moving to Haiti were very focused on "two years". People told me things like; "You can do anything for two years, you will get …

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