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Happy Mother's Day

When I think of someone who is always there for me regardless, my mother comes to mind first. She is an inspiration, a support and a voice of reason to me. People often ask me what my parents think of me being here. Their faces often show an expression of shock when I tell them that my parents want me to be in Haiti, that they encourage me to be here. 
Never once have my parents said that Haiti is too far, or maybe I shouldn't go, or its too dangerous. Never once have they discouraged me.  People are surprised that my mom isn't scared or that she isn't uncomfortable.  People are confused when I say she comes and stays for a weekend and sleeps on my floor.  People look at me silly when I say that my mom is down for anything and one of the most flexible, easy going people I know.  My Haitian friends have smiled watching my mom as she ventures into communities unknown.  My Haitian friends have called my mother Mom as she holds their baby.  My Haitian friends have sought out …

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