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The ultimate IT repair

God fixed my computer today.

Americans are practical people. We like to understand why things happen and have reasons for everything. Sometimes there is no logical explanation, it is simply God. Living in Haiti the past few years I have been pushed to the limits of situations. I have been in situations that only God could resolve. I have heard the Holy Spirit speak to me and my mindset has been changed.

If you came up to me five years ago and told me to pray for my computer I would have thought you were nuts. I would have thought you had a loose grip on reality. I would have thought I was burdening God with silly issues, and things that are unimportant. Something I have learned in the last few years, but more specifically the last few months is this is not true. Pray about everything. God wants us to depend on Him and do nothing of our own strength.

I've been praying over my computer the last few weeks because it has had some issues. If you know me, you know I am a snob and love m…

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